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About Us

Everything Handmade. The One and Only Color of Japan.

"Imported pastels do not match the Japanese sceneries." These words by Chiyoji Yazaki motivated us to begin pastel production.

Gondola Pastel was established in 1919 in Kyoto as the first pastel maker in Japan. We spent 10 years to create colors which match the Japanese sceneries.

Our company name, Gondola Pastel, is named after the artwork, Gondola of Venice, which we received from Chiyoji Yazaki.

Chiyoji Yazaki Gondola of Venice, late Taisho Era Pastel on Paper

Seems simple but is very complex.

Pastels are created by mixing pigments and drying them. There are different ratio and drying time for each colors. These factors change slightly depending on the weather and different seasons. Our workers will sense the slight changes by their experiences and skills.

Long loved by the Japanese Artists

Pastels, easy to carry around and colorful, are supported by artists who wish to sketch with colors. Gondola Pastel is trusted by a wide range of people for our solid quality pastels and loved by many as the only soft pastel maker in Japan.

Almost 100 years since established in 1919. Gondola Pastel continues to fulfill people's desire to draw and express.