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Gondola Pastel

Gondola Pastel made the first pastels in Japan and we are the only soft pastel maker in the country. For 90 years since 1919, our hand made pastels have been loved by many artists who draw the beautiful sceneries of Japan.

Unlike other drawing materials, it is very difficult to mix colors using pastels. In order to express fully, multiple colors of pastels are needed. Gondola Pastel produces242 different color of pastels to allow the users to express fully.

We sell pastels in single colors (2 pastels) and packages. The packages come in a box of paulownia wood, which are perfect for gifts.

Intro to Pastel

36 and 48 color packs are recommended for those using pastels for the first time. These packages contain basic and pastel like colors needed for drawing. Since it is hard to mix colors using pastels, we would recommend getting packs with 66 different colors or more.

To Express more Freely

66 and 100 color packs are recommended for those willing to draw colors in life freely. These packs contain wider variety of colors than the 36 and 48 color packs, which are perfect for drawing something like sceneries. More colors will allow people to draw a more colorful world.

For the Ideal Colorings

150 and 242 color packs are recommended for those drawing legitimate pastel artworks. The variety of colors will allow people to illustrate the slight changes in colors and draw the exact color they see. Use the wide variety of colors of Gondola Pastel to express the ideal colorings.

Single Colors

All of our 242 colors can be bought individually. Incase of buying single color please know the number of the color you wish to buy.